MS Detach If a mobile subscriber removes the SIM for 2G or U-SIM for 3G from the MS, or turns off the MS, the SGSN is informed of the deactivated state of the MS by the detach function. This function can be used to delete a mobility management context (MM context) for an MS in […]

MS Attach This function is the first mobility management (MM) action performed by a mobile station (MS). If the mobile subscriber has inserted a subscriber identification module (SIM) for 2G, or user services identity module (U-SIM) for 3G into the mobile station, or has turned on the mobile station, the SGSN is informed of the […]

  8.3.1       PTP BVC The following statement applies only for PTP BVC. The BVC blocking and unblocking procedures are initiated by the BSS to remove from use, or bring in to use, a BVC. A BSS may block one BVC because of: – Operation and Maintenance intervention for a cell; – equipment failure at the […]